Unless you have been hiding under a rock of late, you’ll likely notice mindful eating is a bit of a buzz word.

Unfortunately, it’s getting hi-jacked by the diet industry and is being promoted as a way to lose weight.

Why is mindful eating important?

Unfortunately, many magazine articles (even ones I have provided comments to), are continuing to mis-use mindful eating to further diet culture.  However I am hoping sanity will prevail, the penny will drop and eventually media folks will start to see it as a way to create a happier relationship with food (and not to battle the scales!).

It’s important because it:

  • It offers our community a practical, informal way to practice mindfulness every day. We know regular mindfulness practice has a host of benefits including helping to manage depression, anxiety and stress.
  • It has the potential to improve our physical and mental health including reducing binge eating and disordered eating and helping to manage our blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • It offers hope and a kind alternative to change eating without the need for strict diets or focusing on body weight

Why should we try mindful eating and how do we start?

So in the spirit of counter-acting the usual new year’s resolution diet messages, I wrote an article for Rescu website on this very topic >> Why we should all try mindful eating. You can read that article directly over on the Rescu website by clicking here.


Have you tried our free mindful eating challenge?

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