Supervision for Dietitians

I offer group and individual supervision and mentoring for Dietitians in working in both private practice and public health care settings.

Supervision is essential for any health practitioner. It’s a fabulous (and much needed) way to debrief, reflect and look after your own mental health. It’s also a way to deepen your dietetic skills and clinical expertise in a protected environment away from your workplace.

My areas of interest and expertise are in private practice management, weight-inclusive practice, trauma-informed care, eating disorders, mindful eating, and counselling skills.

If you are a Dietitian and you need to:

A. “Up your skills” and knowledge

B. Start using a weight-inclusive approach OR

C. Feel connected with like-minded Dietitians

Then I can help!


What’s Involved

There are different ways supervisors offer supervision.

At SOL, I mostly offer online group supervision. Each group meets monthly and are kept to a small number of Dietitians (maximum of 4-6 people). All discussion is strictly confidential.

At each meeting, a different dietitian (supervisee) is in the spotlight. They might bring a clinical question, difficult case, or tricky concept to discuss. As a group, we break down any potential issue/s and come up with solutions all the while flexing your reflective practice skills.

The benefits of group supervision are:

  1. It’s affordable, meaning you’ll keep it up
  2. You’ll be exposed to a larger range of clinical cases and practice concepts
  3. You’ll learn from other like-minded people who are “in the same boat” as you
  4. It, most importantly, prevents burn out and compassion fatigue

Where my schedule permits, I also offer ad-hoc individual supervision services.


  • Individual Supervision $150/session
  • Group Supervision $35/month (billed monthly)
Sol Nutrition - Acredited Practitioner Dietitian - Northern Rivers

Deepen Your Dietetic Skills and Clinical Expertise In a Protected Environment

Want to sign up or need more info? Just pop your details into my contact form and I will be in touch.